Phil ‘My Thrill’ Kessel

This was an interesting research project because I really didn’t know much about Kessel before he arrived.  My only memory of Kessel was that he was last pick at one of the All star games and everyone thought it was funny.  When Kessel escaped from , fled from , arrived here 2 ys ago from Toronto, it was amongst a lot of controversy.  At the time, I thought it was just that he didn’t work out well in Toronto or that the crazy Canadian media hated him but, Kessel’s has been a drama magnet from the start of his career.

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Who is Matt Hunwick?


We don’t have a post celebrating Kunitz or Flower or Daley or Bonino.. Yet.. We have all summer to do that. Until then, let’s look at Hunwick a bit.

Aside from having a really cool hockey name, I wasn’t quite sure how to feel about him. I did some minor digging and would like to present everyone with some information on him from the past two years. I can’t write well so this is going to be a conglomeration of quotes, articles, videos and screenshots.


Get hyped. Maybe.

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