Schultz has had an eventful “hockey” summer, but now he has pre-season training.  After signing a new contract to remain a Penguin, he wanted to celebrate by sharing his adventures with everyone.

[Most of this has nothing to do with hockey but instead is an educational diversion for a boring work day.  Clink the pics for more info…or not.]


Phil ‘My Thrill’ Kessel

This was an interesting research project because I really didn’t know much about Kessel before he arrived.  My only memory of Kessel was that he was last pick at one of the All star games and everyone thought it was funny.  When Kessel escaped from , fled from , arrived here 2 ys ago from Toronto, it was amongst a lot of controversy.  At the time, I thought it was just that he didn’t work out well in Toronto or that the crazy Canadian media hated him but, Kessel’s has been a drama magnet from the start of his career.

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They call me, MR. FLOWER!

A few weeks back, I was freaking out that instead of writing a, ‘Here’s your team piece’ I was writing an ‘In memoriam’ piece.  I kept checking my phone at work to see if Fleury was still a Penguin.  Thankfully, MAF was saved from the dog kennel and brought back home before he could be euthanized. Post-trade deadline, the MAF debate has simmered down but will most likely restart as we head into the play-offs.  Like in the movie Pompeii where the volcano grumbles but stops, so everyone goes back to watching men decapitate each other (I’m looking at you Sidney).  But before we get there, let’s remember the really bad times.  Let me take you back, back to 2002-2003 season.  Penguins’ record was: 27-44-6-5 (65 points) and they finished 5th in NHL Atlantic Division.  The coach was Rick Kehoe and the starting goal was Johan Hedberg, with the back-up being Sebastien Caron.

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