Recap 53: … And I ran, I ran so far away.

Tonight the Penguins hosted the Carolina Hurricanes for an 80s theme night. I still do not understand the theme nights but I guess it keeps the games fresh for people in the arena. As Gutsgonebad mentioned, Potash walked out of a Hot topics store and thought to himself, “Nailed it”.

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RECAP 37: It’s Phil’s World

Just when you thought you were going to plunge to your death at the bottom of a cliff.  Will Smith hops in the front seat and safely drives you onto the beach, while Journey softly plays in the background.

Riding shot-gun was no other than Phil Mutherfreakin’ Kessel.  Thank goodness he was running on all cyclinders tonight; which was greatly needed as Jake was slowed down by all the cash in his pockets. Another shining light tonight came from goal.  Bubble-wrapped Murray was in control of his net and was excellent on his angles.  Honorable mention goes out to the posts, who were in playoff form tonight.

Let’s get into it –

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