Vegas: Where Syphilis goes to breed

It’s game one of the Stanley Cup finals! It’s a game of two improbable teams, meeting for a death match to gain the right to lift Lord Stanley’s cup. The majority of coaches, owners, and players have never made it this far. Only Fleury, Neal, and Orpik know how the stakes change this far into the playoffs.  Most of these players never make it till June-ish, so stamina is going to be unkind to most of these bedfellows.

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Bored until Friday or temporarily semi-employed (Ian Cole), well I have the post for you.  So Ungaba asked me to find a better quiz site for determining a Dungeons and Dragon alignment chart.  Somehow I misinterpreted that into this post.  Fair warning, I have never played D&D and only know what I’ve learned from Wikipedia and various sites. Once again, if this doesn’t make sense, then blame Kris Letang.

Addendum: So I original made a draft before the Meat Up but I decided to modify it afterwards. Some people were a little different than I expected.

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To Steve

Initially I was going to work on a post for Sidney Crosby. I have been working my way through the main crew and it was time for Sid, however, one night, I got a little curious about Mike Sullivan. Who was this guy? How was he able to take this dysfunctional group of talent and prevent them from free falling into hockey oblivion?  In my last post, I accidentally called Mike Sullivan, Steve, because we’ll A) I always call him Sully B) I suck at remembering names and C) He’s in the background; the coach makes the plans but it is the players who execute it and get the glory.  In writing this, I have gained a new level of respect for Mike Sullivan, but I am not alone in this regards.  The whole hockey world ignored him.

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