Let’s Get Gritty

As the Penguins continue Jim Rutherford’s very expensive quest to get gritty wit it we all wondered what exactly is grit? As the summer rolled on and Brandon Tanev was inexplicably handed a contract that is twice as long as Jim Rutherford’s we really started thinking about GRIT. I mean really thinking about grit, what is this obsession GMJR is after? To tackle this post, the brave soul known as Jagrmeister (A+ name, btw) decided to quantify grit because if there is anything people who talk about grit hate more than soff players it’s analytics. In the post that follows Mr. Meister breaks down a metric for measuring grit to help us determine if the Penguins truly are grittier, if recently successful teams have been gritty, and if grit is really something that should matter when the time comes to give players money. Without further blabber, here we go