Best Sport – Worst League Part 1: Nothing to See Here

This post is drier than your mom’s Fun Dip.

Looking at suspensions during the regular season vs. suspensions in the playoffs, the conventional wisdom is that players just don’t get suspended in the playoffs.

Its not particularly easy to pull suspension stats.  Its almost like the league doesn’t want fans to pay attention to who gets suspended, and why.  The Department of Player Safety (DoPS – DoPes) announces suspensions via twitter, and in the Shanahan era it released explanatory video.  Here is a chart which shows suspensions by month for the last three seasons, with April split into regular season and playoffs. Continue reading “Best Sport – Worst League Part 1: Nothing to See Here”

Sheary Signed

The Pens have avoided an arbitration hearing and signed Sheary to a 3 year, 9 million dollar contract, with an AAV of 3 million.  That’s a decent price based on production, albeit a strain on the pens current cap situation.

The pens now have 22 players under contract with 3,280,000.00 in cap space, and no third line center.

Sheary will be a UFA at the end of his three year deal.



Radurday Night Special

Tomorrow is Rad’s big day, he’s finally gonna become a man, or doctor, or lobster, or something.  Anyway, I don’t know if he’ll see this before his test, but in case he does….”we” got your back.  I’m not even secretly hoping you tank so you’ll have more time to entertain us. Tiddays and himpaste buddy.

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