Game 2: D4: Missing the Playoffs




Tonight the Anaheim Ducks visit the PPG as they continue their 5 game road trip to open the season, which started on Thursday with a 4-2 loss to Dallas. The Ducks have created a team that is $360,000 from the salary cap but only have 5 recognizable names on their roster. This is one of those teams that is creeping up on the closing of a window. They have tried to build a team around Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, but now they are coming in to the 10th year since their cup win, and the water is starting to boil.

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Recap 1: Been there, done that


Man, is it good to be back. A summer of celebrating culminated in the raising of the 2016 Stanley Cup Champions Banner to a soundtrack that made it feel like it was after an epic battle in a  video game. There is something about seeing grown men look at a piece of fabric with such pride, as they recall the amount of sweat and blood that went in to its ascension into the rafters. To the surprise of nobody, NBCSports still sucks. Pierre was his typical asexual self, saying the last thing the Penguins want is to go back-and-forth high speed with Washington… Because Orlov and Orpik will be able to keep up with the Pens, eh Pierre?

Jeremy Roenick was all over Holtby’s sack in the post-game saying he is “picking up right where he left off,” with an overtime loss to Pittsburgh, right you are JR. The Capitals sat at home all summer, brewing up hate for the team that broke their Stanley Cup dreams, and any normal person would expect them to come out on a mission in this game. Instead they came out in this game like a teenager with his first Playboy, hard for 60 seconds followed by 40 minutes of crying. Alex Ovechkin, after watching his nemesis best him again during the summer, comes out for revenge with a solid -1 performance, including failing to convert on a shootout attempt to continue the game, great leadership.

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