The Worst of the Worst

Every team has one. Some have more than one. Philadelphia generally has at least 12. The dirty hitter. The pest. The yapper. The ass-grabber. Sometimes it’s to get the other team off their game, but generally, these people are just assholes, through and through. Maybe their Dads beat them as children. Perhaps their older siblings made them eat dog shit sandwiches. Or maybe they were exposed that ONE time they tried on women’s stockings because their friend said they ‘felt really nice’ and ‘of course I won’t take any pictures’ dammit I hate thinking about 8th grade…

But who is the worst? How do we measure sheer shittiness? Is it suspensions? Fines? Missed penalties? Where to start?

Well you start with a list. Who’s the worst, most hated person in the NHL?

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