Official Trade Deadline Chat Post

Today is the second Christmas of the NHL season. The day teams spend way too much for way too little help. It’s a glorious day and this post is basically just a time saver as I’ve linked the accounts of McKenzie, Dregger and Lebrun alone so that you don’t have to keep switching tabs. Tell your boss “you’re welcome” for me.

2018 Trade Deadline Preview Part 4

Here we are again, the third week of February, and that means the trade deadline is right around the corner.  This year, the deadline falls on Monday, February 26, so GMs around the NHL are blowing up phones nationwide to see who or what they can move.  In every case, the eye is on the future: for some, it’s about the next three-to-four months, and for others, it’s about next year and beyond. In most cases, you’ll see expiring UFAs, your typical rentals, being swapped, but in some cases RFAs will be dealt and potentially even players with some years still left on their contracts.  It’s a fascinating time of the season, rivaling the Entry Draft and the free agency period in summer as times to watch players, prospects and draft picks get shuffled around and cap management be deployed. Continue reading “2018 Trade Deadline Preview Part 4”