2019 Stanley Cup Playoff Preview

Back in November, while it was way too early to say so, I and a few of the other effectively anonymous Penguins analysts out there suggested that the team should not even bother making a run at the playoffs, as they were playing all sorts of miserable and inconsistent hockey which led them to the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings. However, time, as usual, makes fools of us all and certainly I have to admit that I sold the team short. Over the next several months, general manager Jim Rutherford would make many moves that needed to be made in order to reinforce the team’s depth, and the team starting playing more consistently in a positive fashion. Despite some of the usual health problems (oh you know, Letang, Malkin, Dumoulin, Schultz, Maatta, Rust, Murray, etc. have spent varying amounts of time out of the lineup), the Penguins have managed to win 44 games and 100 points en route to their thirteenth-straight playoff appearance.

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