Second Annual Photoshop Contest – Matt Niskanen

Celebrating the first regular season game against the Capitals, lets see what we can do with this guy:

Matt Niskanen



Submissions are being accepted NOW (post them in the comments or if you’re an editor you can just edit this post and put the submission here.) Submissions should stop before the game on Thursday

I’d prefer there to be no names on any of the shops or gifs, so there’s not voting bias

This makes submitting through comments kind of impossible. Don’t know what to do about that.


Alternate theme:

Literally anyone on the Capitals EXCEPT Ovechkin.














Fill the arena with kids, make them doubt life


After filling the arena with kids for the annual “Free Game for Kids,” the Penguins decided they would take the opportunity to teach those kids a valuable lesson in life; you can’t expect a whole lot when you get something for free. Congratulations to Columbus, now that they have beat the Penguins their season is officially a success. Sidney Crosby apparently showed up to the rink with morning sickness (because he is a girl, named Cindy), so he was a late scratch. All in all, the preseason is over and nobody got hurt, which is all a fan of a team can ever ask for. Stay tuned at the bottom of the post for Updates on our reboot of the Photoshop/GIF Challenge! Continue reading “Fill the arena with kids, make them doubt life”


Today marks the 6th and final installment of the preseason contests for the Penguins Hockey Club. It is also the 6th annual Free Game for Kids, a great event where the team gives away 18,000 tickets to youngsters throughout the region, many of whom would not be able to attend a game otherwise. Filling the arena with a bunch of screaming kids sets a tremendous atmosphere for the game, it’s the last time the Pens hear everyone in the stands cheer until the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Continue reading “”