Pens @ Columbus Recap


The Pens went into Columbus and played as solid of a game as you can ask for by the roster put together. Sullivan’s influence is present on the forecheck by every line. The defenders know when to pinch and when to stay. This team is showing a cohesiveness that was sorely missed in the first few months of last season. Jarry was excellent last night between the pipes, especially during a full 2 minutes 5 on 3 penalty kill. When Matt Murray returns he will be the other half of the tandem with Fleury, but man… how nice is it knowing there is depth at that position?

We will get into some thoughts after, but first, here is a breakdown of the periods.

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Penguins @ Columbus

Preseason game 4, another day closer to the beginning of the season.

It’s a day game on a Sunday in Columbus. The Jackets NHL lineup of forwards looks like the trading cards you had when you were 8 and your mom only bought one pack, it came with one player that you knew (Saad), some other guys that you could at least recognize, and then 9 fillers to make you want to buy another star.

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Things happening today

Before we get into it, look at this poke check. Look at it.

Remember a couple years ago when the Penguins turned into the Third Reich with 25 new German players coming onto the team? One of them was this guy named Christian Ehrhoff, whom you might not remember, because like all the other acquisitions that year, he didn’t really do anything.

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