I felt that my first attempt at posting as an Author should have a “command” feel to it…

Sultan GMJR


Here’s some more for ya


I’ma plop this one in to test if you see it Brenn…let me know if you do

Sidnado Guts
Works great, the only time when it gets funky is if we’re both editing it at the same time in the same post, but the chances of that are slim (and we can restore someone elses/combine posts if that happens, nothing is ever lost on a wordpress)


  • SouthSideGeno

    Soooo…Brennn…It works is the good news but I need to get learn the GUI.
    WOOOO WHOOOO This is gonna be good.
    So, what about that WiKi?

    • The GUI is basically just Word but with a media entry button – usually once I add somethng I click on the pic and make it a bit smaller, though your pic is perfect

      Maybe we have everyday photoshop roundups where we can both edit the main post back and forth? Or maybe only do that once or twice a week or so? Ideas?

      • SouthSideGeno

        I need to get my tiny brain around this…So if we have multiple Authors we could end up having multiple posts erreyday? Right? If so it cold get confusing…I need to understand better form the higher level and to do that I’d need to give it a lil more thought…

        • Nah, just one post. Like right now you can see the top bar of the site it should say “edit post” – just edit after the last line

          • SouthSideGeno

            I just added one to the Tuesday PS Roundup…I’m begining to get the hang…so…the Heinz/Kessel gif that was added to my 1st post there…It didn’t show up until I wen in and clicked UPDATE…I didn’t post that gif so I’m assuming that whomever did forgot to click UPDATE to make it “visible” …was that you who posted that one Bren?

          • That was me, but it updated for me. Odd.. Yeah this may take a couple minutes to get used to to work collaboratively

          • SouthSideGeno

            This is strange…I wasn’t able to see you last author post (Rust Hour) till I clicked the Edit link/button

          • SouthSideGeno

            fuk…gotta go do some actual work…be back later

          • SouthSideGeno

            Soooo, question… You own the Domain…you make me and author…can you un-make me? Now that I’m an Author…can I un-make YOU? Just wondering how this all works…

          • I’m an administrator so I can make or unmake WHATEVER I WANT (muahahaha), but you cant. All you and everyone else can do is edit and make posts, I run the backend stuff and design

            But I won’t be unmaking anyone. I made a sign up page here: http://pens.hockey/signup/ so new people can sign up to edit, but at first they are “subscribers” so we don’t get a bunch of spammers – after we determine they are legit we change their roles to “editor” like you and ungaba and jb0t are right now

          • See your latest one totally fine 🙂

        • See: the end of the post now

  • YES!

  • In the upcoming months: Photoshop battles – one post with one topic

    • SouthSideGeno

      May I suggest that we try one now? Post the topic, suggest recommend guidelines…I.e. “original content” …leave example???
      I’ll of course defer to you; oh benevolent Overlord : /

      • I like that idea but we need MORE PEOPLE ON HERE!

        • SouthSideGeno

          You built it…they will cum…right? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?
          We’ll just have to remind them errey now and again…it’s only been one day.
          Give it a week or two during the season to really test it. This isn’t a fair test.
          Good idea to set it up now and begin planning for it…Beta testing, you know.

          • Ungaba Intrepid


        • SouthSideGeno

          I just posted another “AD” for pens.hockey over there on tPB…Hope they don’t try to ban me for inciting an insurrection or something.

  • SouthSideGeno

    HEY! I forgot …on here you can LIKE you own comments…hahaha never go “like-less” again.

  • Penguin in Houston

    It doesn’t have a “Like” button. You have to click the up arrow.thingy. Kinda odd there.

    • SouthSideGeno

      Yuh…this is where tPB used to post and it was nice for the reason that I could VOTE DOWN …CFR and Hibbits.
      Took me a while to get used to Livefyre and now this seems alien.

      • I agree this is weird since we’re all used to LF, but I feel “cleaner” on this for what it’s worth, hah. Also it all loads way faster on mobile

        • SouthSideGeno

          WOW! It sure as fook does load faster on my phone.

  • SouthSideGeno

    Hey Brenn…I seem to have lost my ability to edit/create Posts…was it something I did or did you alter my privileges?

    • I donut believe you – just looked and you’re still an editor 😀

      make sure you’re logged in? http://pens.hockey/wp-admin

      • SouthSideGeno

        You were “hole-y” correct…I had been logged out

  • Coach Vlad

    Ohhhh..Snap! So what’s the story… C-blog that isn’t C-blog?

    • SouthSideGeno


      • I cant believe youre still liking your post posts

        • SouthSideGeno

          Hahahaha…yuh, got a lil carried away there. POWER MAD
          I’m better now….muahahahahaha

    • More or less. Something we can all work on and have fun with – mostly for photoshops but maybe one day something more organized? We are evolving. I guess jobberdy.com did it first. But we’re better. I’m still visiting and commenting at TPB though so it’s whatever

    • If you’re interested in contributing to the posts feel free and sign up here: http://pens.hockey/signup/ and then you’ll have access to edit and make new posts (once I approve ya)

      • Coach Vlad

        I just signed up..

        • Approved!

          This is great, I love the idea of big photoshop contests that we can maybe vote in the comments and post the photos in the post

  • Nolongermyrealname91

    Hai Guise!