The type of player the Pens need right now

I’m back! Yes, I Read the Comments of This Blog and I’m very well aware that I’m on thin ice with you people. I’m Looking to not take advantage of your trust, and I’m Hoping This will Maybe redeem myself to our loyal readers.

It’s been said time on time again, “where is Malkin?” “Malkin is invisible.” “Malkin is just not what our team needs right now”.

I don’t disagree.

To most, asking ‘Malkin or Craig Adams?‘ may be simple to answer, but not to me.

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Penguins Postseason Off-Day: Round 1, Day 2

With their 4-1 series win over the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Pittsburgh Penguins will get to experience their longest stretch of “time off” since the bye week after the All-Star Game.  (Really, this “time off” will surely include practice and lots of tape-watching, but without any games on the schedule for upwards of a week, it’ll be plenty of time for the Penguins to rest up before the next playoff series.) With that in mind, we’ve got some time to catch up on the goings-on around the Stanley Cup Playoffs, so let’s get caught up to speed together.

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