Recap 16: Pens Get Trumped

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Games like this are good for a team. I have no problem with a team that plays really good hockey 4 out of 5 games, but shits the bed in the one they lose. This allows for ego checking, system tweaks, and leadership development. The sting obviously is this game came against a hated division rival, but much like the Montreal and Nashville games, I expect the Penguins to respond appropriately. Narrow-minded Capitals fans will think that their team is infinitely better for scoring 7 goals, but unfortunately they share that vision with their team as well, and both fail to understand that one regular season game means 2 points and 2 points only. Columbus has scored more than 7 goals twice this year, and I don’t think anyone is writing them in as cup champions. Talking trash on social media after a regular season game is all the Washington fanbase has, so we will let them have this day. Since the majority of you won’t watch each individual goal highlight, I’m going to just put the full game highlights here and then talk about each period. Continue reading “Recap 16: Pens Get Trumped”

The Elephant in the Room II: Who Might the Penguins Trade With Part I

When I wrote “The Elephant in the Room” last month, it was at the forefront of my mind that it was not a matter of if, but when the Penguins would have to say goodbye to either Marc-Andre Fleury or Matt Murray.  Of course, this wouldn’t be the case if the NHL weren’t expanding to Las Vegas, but that’s where we are.  (Let’s not forget that another expansion is likely coming down the road in the next few years.)  The new franchise will be snagging three goaltenders from the list of unprotected goaltenders the other thirty teams will send to the NHL on June 17, 2017.  For the most part, this means that each team will have at least two goalies unprotected, some upwards of four or five, but a few teams will only have one goalie left unprotected.  The Penguins are one of those teams.  Fleury’s limited no-movement clause means the team has to protect him if they keep him through the deadline next June.  Matt Murray would be a prime candidate for selection if the Penguins can’t make a move beforehand. Continue reading “The Elephant in the Room II: Who Might the Penguins Trade With Part I”