Recap 4: Sullivan goes raw, leaves Condon on bench


Remember the 2014 Olympics after the U.S. lost to Canada, they came out against Finland the following game and it was brutally obvious that they weren’t prepared/ didn’t want to play. That’s pretty much what the Pens looked like last night.

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Game 4: Back to Work



Tonight the Pens take the Phil Kessel Show on the road as they visit the Montreal Canadiens. Montreal has the absolute worst fans in the sport. There isn’t a debate. Every whistle they whine, every penalty they boo, every time one of their shitty players falls they want a game misconduct. Carey Price is out with the flu, and the Pens are most likely starting previous Montreal back-up Mike Condom, who would love nothing more than to best is former team. Continue reading “Game 4: Back to Work”

Cap 3: Perfect Season over, Pens lose 10 fans


Losing this game should only come as a surprise to those fans that just started cheering for the Penguins in May. The bigger surprise of the night was the interesting career move of thepensblog and the shutting down of, can’t believe that site was up for less than 2 years, feels like way longer than that. The site closed because the owner has been hired by the Las Vegas franchise, so that is one way to get a promotion. As for the game, if you decided to do literally anything else, it was the right choice. The Penguins continuously decide to take penalties when already shorthanded, because why the hell not? Getting a point out of this game is more than I expected after blowing the early load lead. The discipline is an issue for the team right now, but there is no time to fix it with this packed schedule to kick things off. Speaking of which, the Pens play in Montreal tonight at 7:30.

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