Recap 15: Leaf Raking

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It’s been a fun week for the Penguins, getting treated to facing the previous 2 number one overall picks. Toronto had a lot of hop in their step for a team that played the night before, but those legs eventually wore down. Make no mistake about the score, the Leafs had plenty of golden opportunities in this game, but Matt Murray. I can’t remember the last time I saw a team give up 3 2-on-1’s during a power play, and MMX was there every time to bail them out. Additionally, make no mistake about the score, if Frederik Anderson wasn’t having one of his best games of the season it would’ve been 8-1. The Leafs eventually showed signs of wearing down in the third, and it was at this point that the Penguins did something that Penguins fans for 4 years have been hoping for, they became relentless. Before I forget, damn those white jerseys are sexy at home. First time since 1992 those jerseys were worn at home. Beautiful. The Penguins continued their 50 years of stories with a goal everyone knows, probably going to make saying “yip” a thing.


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