TGIF …Only 98 Days till Game 1

Summer Photo Baum


Whadaya got for a Friday…

CUP 2016

How you like me now???

sid cup 2016



I see SSG made some propaganda promoting Pens.Hockey. Nice work, hah. Not sure I can say it “doesn’t suck”  yet, though


Give it some time and meanwhile…

Hot Carl faith



I’m really excited for the upcoming PS battles, as well as regular season games. Being able to update the gameday thread as it happens will be super fun


Just tryin out new CUP images…

Horny Rhino_CUP

I felt that my first attempt at posting as an Author should have a “command” feel to it…

Sultan GMJR


Here’s some more for ya


I’ma plop this one in to test if you see it Brenn…let me know if you do

Sidnado Guts
Works great, the only time when it gets funky is if we’re both editing it at the same time in the same post, but the chances of that are slim (and we can restore someone elses/combine posts if that happens, nothing is ever lost on a wordpress)