Gameday 17: Cookin’ in Brooklyn





The Penguins enter Brooklyn tonight with a chip on their shoulder after suffering their most embarrassing loss in the Mike Sullivan era on Wednesday night. The Islanders enter Brooklyn tonight with their tails between their legs because they suck. It is weird looking at the standings and not seeing the Blue Jackets at the bottom of the Metro, but I suppose the move from the Long Island life to Brooklyn was too much for the Isles to handle. The Islanders have played awful hockey. In the most Islander way of thinking they have started to look for trades to better their team. We all know that trading for one top line forward will suddenly make a hockey team better. Current targets are Matt Duchene and Brandon Saad, which are two of the most Islander style players possible (overrated, contribute occasionally, make lots of money). I don’t know if you know this about us, but we are well cultured citizens, and try to bring our world influences to all of our readers. Making fun of other hockey teams sucking is a little immature, and we know this. We have decided to take the high road with our photoshops for todays game, and present to you some classic pieces of artwork. We call it the “Taste the Master’s Grapes” Collection:

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Recap 16: Pens Get Trumped


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Games like this are good for a team. I have no problem with a team that plays really good hockey 4 out of 5 games, but shits the bed in the one they lose. This allows for ego checking, system tweaks, and leadership development. The sting obviously is this game came against a hated division rival, but much like the Montreal and Nashville games, I expect the Penguins to respond appropriately. Narrow-minded Capitals fans will think that their team is infinitely better for scoring 7 goals, but unfortunately they share that vision with their team as well, and both fail to understand that one regular season game means 2 points and 2 points only. Columbus has scored more than 7 goals twice this year, and I don’t think anyone is writing them in as cup champions. Talking trash on social media after a regular season game is all the Washington fanbase has, so we will let them have this day. Since the majority of you won’t watch each individual goal highlight, I’m going to just put the full game highlights here and then talk about each period. Continue reading