GAMEDAY 30: 7… The ‘Soff’ Way

So… after that incredibly bad performance in Trono Mike Sullvan was asked directly if he thought that his team simply does not have the desire to play defence. His reply began with a brief pause, and consisted of a Hollywood style, slow upward gaze into the camera and with zero emotion he uttered one word… “Yes.”

This makes me wonder who is really running this team. I feel that Sully has lost the room. Does anyone have it? Does Sid? Who else would? Or, perhaps this is Sully’s way of getting the team’s attention. To “out” them to the press. To embarras them. I think they’ve already done a great job of that on their own.

Make no mistake, this team is in big trouble. Anyone who can’t see that is not really paying attention.

Tonight it’s back to the Burg to face the Wild. The Wild got nothin. Sid’s team should be able to beat them. We’ll see. They have two more games after tonight before the Christmas break. They need to win all three of these. If they can’t get it together… I believe there will be a management level shake up on this team in the New Year. Or perhaps a player or two will be traded to change the chemistry and get some life back. Something has to change. Or this year’s Pens race for the Cup will go the way of the Steelers season. Don’t even get me started on that dumpster fire.

Please… LET’S GO PENS …seriously, PLEASE?