Gameday 38: Late Knight Game

(Editor’s note: today’s Gameday was written by one of our commenters, Owyn999! Kudos to Owyn for stepping up for this one!)

Tonight we have the return from outside, and a trip to the strip, or ok maybe it’s off the strip, whatever, it’s happening in Vegas, it’s happening after an absolutely horrid stretch.  We’re looking up the mountain again.  And of course we are starting off this last stretch before the half-way pole against the West Leading Vegas Kuh-Nih-Gets

With the way the winter classic ended and now with the spectre of at least one more game of missing Jarry, the question of if we can climb back into the playoff-mobile are in full swing.  I know I’m not the only one getting too damn old for these late night probably won’t even end until after midnight games.  But here I am considering just recording the damn thing and po-pwap po-pwaping through all the commercials.  Or just hitting up the highlights of the game.  Again…

I guess I can poke around for some interesting stats for the game like how the Kuh-Ni-Gets have won six of their last 10, and are at the precipice of making it a streak in the good direction, Or Michael Amadio has 9 pts in his last 7 GP.  Or how Chandler Stephenson is at nearly a point per game pace through 40 games (10, 29).  Or how five of the top six forwards in PTS and P/PG on the Penguins are icy f-ing cold.  But what fan would that be right.  The top two lines should get out there and do a line or two before the game and kick-em in the dicks.


(Don’t actually do coke it’s bad mmmkay)