Gameday 46: Devil’s in the Details

So here we are a week since I last personally posted…

(sorry about that missed Gameday folks)

As for today’s game it is against the New Jersey Traps errr Devils. We’re looking at a game in the armpit of the east coast (cause it smells hur hur) I mean look at this joint, it looks like you’re about to walk into some Satanic Televangelists ‘church.’

After Wednesday’s hard breaker I am loathe to make any inline projections as to what happened on Friday (after I wrote this). However I will say that the way the Devils are looking this year I am concerned. This set of Devils is looking like they did in the mid 90’s to a kid who was just hoping to see one more cup lifted ever in his life because he grew up a suffering Pirates fan and thought championships only came under a football helmet.

Mind you I have learned a few things but with the options for Goalies against having a .914 (Vanecek) and an .896 (Blackwood) we may have a hard time scoring in this affair. And to top it off these satanists have 4 – 30 point players with 2 more knocking on the door, and we’re just over half way through the season.

(black wood, hehe..hehe)

That isn’t to say the Penguins aren’t right there with a similar gaggle of players (and with a couple less games played). But with how this team has been playing lately I feel like we could and perhaps should have had at least 8 players knocking on or past that 30 point mark.

I mean even looking at our Goalies, we should be around even with the Devils however for some reason in the hots and colds of the year we just keep losing extremely low scoring affairs. 16 of the games the Penguins have played this season have seen 2 or fewer goals scored, surprisingly to my own eyes this team hasn’t been shut out yet.

The Devils only have 10 games where they have scored 2 or fewer and one of those they even managed to win (I mean sure it was against the Sharts).

On the bright side the Penguins this year have hot and cold streaks and typically those hot streaks come when they go against a better (playing) team. So I’m looking at this game as a game that should at least be competitive, especially if the GAA from the expected Goalies holds.

Another bright spot is that Tristan Jarry has returned between the pipes which should make a world of difference in net since we have what amounts to slices of swiss cheese in the net right now the occasional piece that doesn’t let anything through but usually having more holes than SSGs 20 year old underwear.

As I was writing it I thought about not including it but if I had to think about it, YOU ALL DO TOO.

Who hasn’t gotten a piece that looks like this some times?