Oh boy. Dropped a tough one last night, eh? I couldn’t watch cause… “I was busy being old, at a dark Italian restuarant with this slow jazz combo band in the corner. I was all decked out in my brand new Costco turtleneck and gold chain. Yinz know, living that sweet Philly Life Style.” Yuh … fuk right off there Vladdy boi 😀

Here’s what Sully had to say when asked about the “result” in the post game presser: “I thought for the majority of the night, our team was terrific. I thought we had tons of energy, I thought we were playing with the right intentions out there. It was unfortunate we couldn’t hold the lead or gain the lead…” LOL …well yuh. Talk about classic coach speak. Here’s the translation to ‘fan-glish’ … We had a good night scoring but our critical point defense and goaltending pretty much sucked.”

It doan get any easier tonight Mr Sullivan. The 2nd place Metro, and 3rd place overall in the NHL, New Jersey Devils are in town to try to stick a fork up yer arse. The Devs have scored 186 golas in 54 games while the Pens have scored 176. Not too much of a difference there. However, the Devs have allowed only 145 golas while the Pens have given up 169. Overall the Devs are a +41 and the Pens are +7. You can win games by a wide margin but you still only get 2 points … it only takes one gola less than your opponent to lose and get zero points.

10/17 Canadiens 3 – Pitt 2 OT
11/ 1 Broons 6 – Pitt 5 OT
11/5 Kracken 3 – Pitt 2
11/12 Canadiens 5 – Pitt 4 OT
11/29 Canes 3 – Pitt 2 OT
12/18 Canes 3 – Pitt 2
12/ 22 Canes 4 – Pitt 3 OT
12/28 Wings 5 – Pitt 4 OT
1/2 Broons 2 – Pitt 1
1/14 Canes 2 – Pitt 1
1/18 Sens 5 – Pitt 4 OT
1/22 Devs 2 – Pitt 1 OT
1/26 Caps 3 – Pitt 2 SO
1/17 Islanders 5 – Pit 4

14 games (25% of the Pens games) this season have been 1 gola losses. 9 of those in OT. Jarry’s absence has been felt, no doubt. Poor D and goaltending has played a part and 3-4 key injuries helped as well. However the Pens limited success this season has been mostly due to their inability to hold leads. Flip just half of those 14, 1 gola loses and WE’re at 77 points sitting in 2nd place in the Metro only 3 points behind the Canes.

The bottom line is defense wins championships. If your opponent can’t score… you usually win. WE need Jarry and Ruta healthy and back in the lineup. WE need to start playing again as if WE really want to win. Could a few more golas help…well duh, yuh. Geno, Bryan, Jason, Brock, Jeff and that “milk carton idol” Kasper might want to start putting the biscuits in the bake box.


They can turn this around, there is still time… but not a lot. Today, at home would be a great place to start. I hope they’re really pissed off aboot losing last night. They need to get really pissed off and start effin’ some MF’ers up. The time is now.