GAMEDAY 74: April’s Fools

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The Pens have 8 games to make up 7 points. Tonight we’re facing arguably the best team in the leage on their home ice so I’m thinking we really have 7 games to make up 8 points. Couple of things to look for tonight are Crosby of course padding his PPG total, St. Ivany getting his first point in the NHL… a gola perhaps? Would be nice. That kid is the one true bright spot on this team right now. Jarry trying to get his 20th win of the season, AGAIN. Feel sorry for him and Needles. Especially Jarry. Tied for the leage lead in shutouts and no team in front of him to score golas. Cant really think of much else. So sad.

Pretty hard to get excited about a hopeful write-up for this one at this pont in this season. Ice up a few cold ones and hope for the best, I guess. The “best” of course being moving up in the draft lottery.

No foolin’ … FUCK YOU TROUBA