July 15th – July 19th – photoshop contest ((CLOSED))

Is none other than Mr. Confidence Paul Martin himself.

PAUL MARTIN of ELK RIVER is metro player of the year. All-Metro photo shoot ... six players will be coming at staggered times, 4:30 p.m., 4:50 and 5:20 ... what we want to do is shoot action shots of each doing something pertaining to their position -- forwards shooting, defensemen diving to block shots, and the goalie blocking a shot ... what we will hopefully get out of these is a spectacular back page of action shots, with short bios on each kid next to the photo and the Metro Player of the Year -- Elk River's Paul Martin -- featured most prominently -- Defenseman Paul Martin of Elk River is metro player of the year. His fourth year on varsity, he creates scoring chances, and is deceptively fast. He had 14 goals, 33 assists this season.


You don’t have to use this image. In fact, I encourage you not to. I encourage you to live your life trying your best to forget you even saw this image.


The Rules
Submit your entry in THIS POST under the big “Current Entries” header. We have today and all weekend to make stuff up. We can vote in the comments as the contest goes on. On Monday the winner is decided (in a new post) and added to the winners page (check the top menu)



Put em below here!


…no “CAPTION” necessary





…The only CUP Martin’s name is written on this year…

Shark_cup o noodles_2



Couldn’t think of a good TV show title for Phil




…In theaters this summer…




MArtin shartz bed



PM_M_VB copy