Preseason Game 2 Recap: Guentzlvania

The Penguins continued their preseason last night with their first game in the PPG Paints Arena against the Detroit Red Wings. As usual the Penguins dressed a lineup that looked like it was selected from a hat, with only the “untouchable” forwards not playing.

Before most of us realized the game had started Darren Helm scored, according to the Red Wings Twitter account it looked like this:




Nothing else happened in the first period except for a ton of penalty calls as the NHL tries to push for tighter calls on slashing and on faceoff cheating. My biggest complaint is that there has been anywhere from 3 to 7 powerplays per period. I understand calling the game by the rule book (giant raise to whichever genius thought that would be a good idea), but when you start getting into 8 or 10 minutes of powerplay time per period I think it’s ridiculous. The first period in this game had 12 minutes of powerplay time (2 for Detroit, 10 for Pittsburgh). The period ended 1-0. The Penguins ended with TEN powerplay chances while Detroit had SIX. 32 of 60 minutes of play were special teams… yikes.Image result for off my soapbox gif

My name is RAD…my feet smell bad…I would kiss Vlad…but he has a beard


Before most of us realized the game was back on Adam Johnson tied the game up:

Not even 40 seconds after that McKeggmcmuffin added fries to the order:

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The preseason is fun because you don’t believe half of what you read in morning recaps. For instance, we are supposed to believe that a man named Ben Street exists and scored for the Red Wings at the 2:51 mark? Google image for Ben Street says otherwise…

Image result for ben street

With 9 minutes left in the period Conor Sheary took his new salary and made it rain:

Then Matt Murray decided he didn’t give a damn and let Gustav Nyquist score to finish the 2nd off 3-3

Murray’s glove hand weighed down by dem rings.

Before anyone realized the third period had started it was The Jackal polishing off a quickie:

Can we admire that finish? Scores a goal, and just turns around like it’s another day at the office, dude is probably going to score 50 this year.

14 seconds later Tristan Jarry made his best plea to stay in Wilkes-Barre as Matt Lorito

Image result for who? gif


Brian Dumoulin still drunk from the parade.

Things slowed down for 3 minutes before Adam Johnson continued his impressive camp:

pretty slick shot right there off of a sweet assist from The Jackal (his 3rd of the night).

Gustav Nyquist wasn’t done however and he would tally once more with 2 minutes left to tie the game up at 5.

Second straight game in overtime, but I’m pretty sure 94.2% of preseason games go to overtime. Before most of us realized OT had started Justin Schultz put on his dancing shoes.

Storming into the season like

Schultz had a solid game and looks ready to improve on his career altering play from last year. Now if he can keep Letang healthy for 78 games he will probably receive a performance bonus.

    • Sullivans statements on the two youngins and Schultz from tonight:
    • The Johnson comment seems like he will be heading back but we will see him again during the December injury bug
    • Matt Murray went 19/22 (6/8 when shorthanded) with a 0.864, Tristan Jarry finished with 13/15 (2/3 when shorthanded) with a 0.867
    • The new faceoff crackdown could have major effects on the league, for example last night the Capitals were shorthanded on a 5 on 3 and iced 1 forward and 2 defenders. The forward got tossed from the faceoff dot which left one of the defenders (Brooks Orpik) to take and lose the draw. If the calls stay this strict it could result in teams starting 2 forwards in 5 on 3 situations just to win the draw.
    • Full highlights:

  • That smile from Sheary after his goal
  • Jake Guentzel with a goal and 3 assists, picking up where he left off without Sidney Crosby feeding him passes he became the one feeding the passes.
  • The Penguins play Columbus on Friday night