Addressing the Penguins Defensive Problem

Last season the Penguins struggled to find successful defensive pairs throughout the year, which is not surprising when one of the top four misses considerable time due to injury. The team made some adjustments by first sending Jamie Oleksiak back to Dallas just to bring in Erik Gudbranson at the trade deadline. In the offseason, the Penguins shipped Olli Maatta to Chicago in exchange for some potential top 6 forward depth in Dominik Kahun. As the preseason games continue the team’s defensive picture is becoming more clear, so it is time to address the defense and those potential pairings.

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NHL Rule Changes for 2020

A day after the NHLPA decided to let the current CBA continue for a few more years (translated: no strike until Crosby is 35), the NHL announced its annual amending of the rule book. According to the league, these rules were unanimously agreed on by the general managers in attendance. I originally posted these in the comments section but it was too much for some to read, and to be fair

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They do deserve their own post

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