NHL Ho-Down

There seems to be a lot of movement this off-season, or maybe because there is nothing else to, I actually noticed. I will only notate human moves, not info about picks. “X” means traded, “*” pick up. FYI – I got this list by combing through a crap-ton of tweets, so mistakes are likely. Before we judge others teams, let’s see what drunk Gramps has been up to …

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Raise your mug

Short post, but I had to say goodbye to one of the main-stays of the team. He was always there, in the background (like Shingles) waiting for his time to shine. Yet, Gramps wants to take this team in another direction; like a direction that gets you passed a round robin.

Anyways, get your tissues, and find somewhere quiet; P.H staff is here for you. Stay strong.

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