Hey guys, thanks to @ungaba we have been able to decent section of seating in the Lower Bowl for $132 per ticket. In case you’ve been under a rock or don’t read the game is 11/18 against the Blackhawks. Our current tentative list is as follows:

@ungaba, @lauriruu, @ulfsammyson, @hawtdoge +3 (jeezus!!!), @rad88 +5 (he’s got friends!!!), @southsidegeno, @jovi, @nolongermyrealname91, @excoachnowplayerorsomethingVlad +1, @brendannnnn +1, @el wray, @Door_Matt, @randall +1, @ggb, @j-b0t, @penguininhouston, @jagrmeister, @moonstanley

@lauriruu, @hawtdoge, @jovi, @southsidegeno

We are now at 29 seats. That’s 22 fun-loving, beer swilling, nutso Pens fans, their assorted family members who may be not so nuts, and also Bren!!!
Go WE!!!

We need to set-up a cut-off date for this or my friend will kill me. Say Friday, September 8th? If you don’t RSVP by then, you’re OUT. Or, alternatively, you’re on your own. Deal? 

This post is to confirm that the price of $132 is okay with everyone interested in going. We are going to set up a page shortly where you deposit the money into paypal so we can purchase the tickets at once at our locked in price. If paypal doesn’t work for you email us and we can find a way to mail a check or something similar.

We are planning a pregame party as well and looking to potentially book hotel rooms together if we can get a discount, if anybody has any hotel hook-ups let us know!