Gameday 15: Turning Point?

Buffalo sucks, agreed? Yet somehow, they’re just as good (bad?) as the Penguins. Up is down and down is up, I guess. And as much as we’d like to excuse-away the Pens most recent double-dose of stinkers, facts are facts – the Penguins have lost the last two games by a combined 12-4 with both goalies getting shellacked.

Currently, the only thing keeping the Penguins from being the bottom of the Metro barrel is the *double checks notes* New York Islanders?!?!? Oh wait though – they’ve played two fewer games and have yet to play a home game whilst they wait for their new barn to be completed.

Almost ready!

All of this means it’s officially time to be Concerned about what tf is going on around here. Sure, Sid has only played in two games (two losses, fwiw) and yes Geno has yet to play any, and yes Dumo and Petey and others have been in and out of the lineup. But it’s game 15. We’re almost 20% through the season already. And we all know the historical precedent of being out of the playoffs at Thanksgiving (if you don’t, look them up – it ain’t pretty).

Too many long names – somebody had to get snipped…

On the positive side of things, the team is now 92% (I still think Malkin is a big part of things so he is the other 8%). This is the team that Hextall wanted to put on the ice. And they’ve had one game and a couple of practices together to get it working. Look at that top 6. Based on what a revelation Big Jeff Carter (hat tip to PJ) has been, those are two pretty awesome lines. And while I think we’ll miss the presence of O’Connor out there (whoda thunk it?), that bottom 6 even looks pretty formidable, especially defensively.

Finally, we’re better at home, obvs, and we’re better against Buffalo in general – especially at home – because Buffalol. Could tonight be the beginning of great things for this team? Or will the implosion continue?

So work hard today. Get your mind right. Have a Game Day Dog for lunch, and a sensible dinner (maybe meatloaf or pierogis – it’s chilly now. Mmmm…. chili). Put on those Pens socks, pour your drink(s) of choice, and make it a point to watch this one, kids.