Gameday 22: Well Now What?

OK, so we can all agree that the turkey and stuffing and gravy was just Too Much for these fat little waddlers. That’s OK. We have moved on. As has OfSmith, moving on to the bench again, thankfully.

The Pens… well it’s all the same over here. Rust hurt his stache, or whatever, but otherwise nothing else has changed. I mean Boyle is much taller, but he has the same bad stache. Wheeee…

For whatever reason, Calgary hasn’t been baby vomit this year. It’s almost like they want to convince their fans that they are worth rooting for only to rip their hearts out in a few months. Again. Like all of the times, except for that one time.

OK so look – on the Pittsburgh side, it’s time to win a gain. The the Calgary side, well, they aren’t reading this so who the hell cares?