Meanwhile… Blog Updates



Hello, we are the staff of I’m still not entirely sure how we got here but I am sure about where we are heading. Today we held our first ever blog staff meeting, and we wanted to share everything we discussed with you, our readers, and dare I say it, our friends.


For starters, due to the fast developments within the last few weeks (it has literally been one month since the first preseason recap post was put up on this site) there hasn’t been a time for introductions and we thought we would clear up some (if any) confusion by including a “who we is” page (that won’t be the title), which is being developed. This page will give a little background about the contributors of content, as well as an email address so you can submit any articles, thoughts about future articles, or ideas to make the site better to us if you are not or do not want to be an editor. After an incredible goalie article debut that received a great response, we would also like to introduce the newest member of the staff, THE66thdopefish, that is, if he will have us.


The Elephant in the room for the last couple of days:


Through a discussion with Rich Miller from we are happy to announce that Rad88 will start contributing gameday posts and possible recaps when they do not do video recaps.

What does this mean for you? 2 sites dedicated to sarcastic and informative coverage of your favorite hockey teams.

What doesn’t this mean for you? Changes to the formatting here at The posts and information that you have grown to love here will not change (i.e. Rad will still post here like always), and we are happy to extend a helping hand to Rich and tpb as a gesture of respect because let’s face it, we are all here because of them. Will this work you ask? Saturday’s gameday post on tpb was written by Rad as a test and nobody noticed, so yes. The two sites will work together much like our community already does by sharing links, photoshops, gifs, and most importantly, Penguins coverage. There will be no divorced parents situation, and everything will continue on exactly as it is now.


We are extremely excited to announce a new contest that will be ongoing for as long as it takes. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Maatta Mega Millions!!

How to play: EACH GAME you must tweet to @penshockeyblog the period and time of THAT period when Olli Maatta will score a goal. We will break down the full rules of entry (#hockeyporn) in tomorrow’s Gameday post.

The pot will start at $20 and will increase by an Olli approved $3 every game. We will reiterate the rules every game as well as updating the jackpot.


It was mentioned above, but I will put it here too. We have opened up an email account so that you can contact us in one easy location rather than hoping one of us is logged on to chat. The idea behind this is so people can submit articles they want published, concepts they want discussed, etc. We really love the “grass roots” approach we have here and hopefully this makes it easy for people that want to contribute to be able to: is our creative email address. While on this note, one thing that makes our blog great is the community effort, so please do not hesitate to send contributions for posts, ideas, etc.. Something we don’t want the email used for his complaints about other members. Our general rule is if somebody says something offensive or stupid, the community will handle it with reasonable bashing. Obviously hate speech, racism, and homophobic insults that are obviously not jokes won’t be tolerated (and will be handled appropriately), but overall I think everyone can agree that a self governed comments section is for the best and we should act accordingly.


Finally, the “Hibs and The Ross” bit has gotten some good results and it will continue. Brendan, SSGeno, Rad88 and Penspointsyourmom all work on the comic, so from now on if there isn’t a dedicated “shout out” underneath, it was one of those guys. On the same note, any photoshops or gifs entered in future posts will have appropriate recognition given.


The hockeyporn game has been fun, and now that we are 10 games in we have our format. Every 10 games of the season the top lines from those 10 games will battle to declare a “champion.” By the end of the season there will be an 8 “team” playoff to crown the porniest of the porn for the season. We would love to turn this in to some sort of contest too, hit us up if you have any ideas.


Thank you, sincerely, thank you all for making this place what it is. It is truly a fun environment, and with the new “partnership” with thepensblog we can build a large Penguins fan community full of hockey talk, dick ripping, bitching, and Flyer’s hating. What more could you possibly want.

This post is going up a little later than wanted, so the Gameday post tomorrow will be up around 9:30 AM to ensure everyone has a chance to read this.