Meetup Photo Dump

If you got’em post’em! I only have the group shots but I wanna see Randy climbing on the statue and the photos of Dr Rad

Hopefully this post doesn’t take forever to load




To erreybody…..this was without a doubt the G.O.A.T POST…whotta weekend!

Next time….Let’s Play Two ; )


Hey all, I’m just now getting around to a little downtime after the crazy weekend that was. It was a lot of fun meeting all of you that made it and I cannot wait to do it again next year! Here are a few of the pictures lady Rad took, there are several of each group shot so I will just pick a few:

The gang and JJ

The artist being Mr. Cool in black, not conforming to society as only an artist would:

The gang in the Lexus listening intently to Mrs. Blogczar:

The gang still in the Lexus getting tired of smiling: