RECAP 21: Well sh*t

Second game in a couple weeks against the team that embarrassed the Pens in the playoffs last year. In the last game, the Pens put the first blotch on an otherwise perfect record over the last 14 games. Could they do it tonight? Let’s see…

Pens were rarin’ to go on this ugly Tuesday – more than you could say for the home crowd. GADS of empty seats at the start of this one. Though a Tuesday in November in Pittsburgh… yeah, I get it.

Pens started with some early pressure, picking up right where they left off, but the Isles pushed back energetically.

A few minutes in, the Isles took a penalty and Pens fandom sighed frustratedly, sad that they’d waste two minutes for nothing. They were almost pleasantly surprised, though, and the PP looked pretty solid and came close on several occasions. But since close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, no goals were to be had.

Not long after the kill, Riikola did a bad and the Pens had to hit the PK. This time, Pens fandom got all excited, because the Pens hadn’t given up a PPG in 9 games. Not only that, but they’ve only given up five all year, and had scored four shorties. Which…

Armed with this information, the Pens promptly potted a shorty, a la the ol Rusty-ZAR 2 on 1. Sadly, while Rusty’s stache is a thing of beauty, it wasn’t long enough to keep him onside, so it was a no goal on the review. The rest of the PK went on without excitement.

Just a couple minutes later, some Isle shit the bed and the Pens went on the PP and this time they remembered how to score, with Trusty Rusty taking us home.

Rust (7) from Guentzel (8) and Malkin (7)

Rust with only his 3rd PPG of his career. Meanwhile, he’s got 5 SHG. Nice to see the guy get time on the PP.

More back and forth for a bit, but then our new favorite 2nd line gets a little help from Letang Jr. and Tanev finishes it off.

Tanev (4) from Marino (5) and McCann (6)

Rest of the period was the Pens mostly owning the play, but nothing came of it.

Stats after 1:

Pens were NOT ready for the second, but the Isles were, and their top line wasted little time illustrating why the Isles are for real, with Boo-vill-yay potting his somethingth of the season.

Three minutes later, the Pens still hadn’t learned their lesson, and Brock ‘Axe-blade-thin-face’ recovered from an earlier puck-to-the-noggin’ to perfectly re-direct one past a helpless Murray. Yes, I said helpless Murray. No, the fact that it was high-glove didn’t matter. Yes, we kept the right goalie. No, I don’t care that you bought his jersey. Yes, I know Fleury was a nice guy. Uh huh, those pranks, ha ha ha, yeah OK, ha ha… I need a drink.

Pens woke up after that and decided to start generating some chances. Mr. Yuk even almost scored at one point. Geno kept flying, Rust had some great chances, the bad guys had a few too and Murray stood tall. A few misses, too, but whatever, that’s hockey.

You know what’s also hockey? Working hard down low and busting your ass and diving to put the puck around the short side and getting…

Tanev (5) from Pettersson (6) and Kahun (5)

Just a hard working play from a hard working guy. Is 6 years too long? I don’t know about you, but I don’t give a single shit right now. This guy has been as advertised and his motor never stops.

A little back and forth but that was that for the second.

Stats after 2:

Started off quiet, but the Pens were ready to go. Apparently, they were waiting for Barzal to take an ill-advised offensive zone penalty.

On the ensuing PP, the first line was looking good, but it was on a broken play that Mr. Yuk went all yummy on us with a beauty of a feed to Mr. Beautyleague himself…

Guentzel (10) from Galchenyuk (6) and Malkin (8)

OK, agreed – Galchenyuk needs to score. But you have to admit that he has been looking more and more comfortable every game. This writer is predicting that his days of playing 3rd line winger are over after this one. He’s been visible all game and making plays. A goal is only a gnats ass away.

Sidenote: Mark Recchi is losing hair faster than a dress hits the ground on prom night. He’s gunna be Friar Markus in no time flat. Of course, he’ll have his 5 Stanley Cup rings to make him feel better, so I’ll stop there.

With about 7 minutes left, our favorite Chaotic Neutral man Trust Rusty decided to do a bad and basically leg-humped Leddy. Why? No clue. Maybe he was getting as bored as I was. I get it – I had bourbon and he didn’t. Hard to blame him.

On the ensuing PK, everything went pretty damn well. We saw why the Pens were #2 in the league, lead by none other than Murray Jeezus who made a couple of great stops.

But right after the PK ended, J.Johnson remembered that he still sucked and decided that double covering watching someone get covered was more important than taking his guy and Bailey got the Fishermen back to within 1.

Isles were getting desperate, and with two and a half minutes left, pulled their goalie. Less than a minute later, the inevitable happened and the Isles guaranteed it would be interesting. 4-4. Free hockey. Yay?

Isles with the chance. Murray Saves.

Then it was general OT insanity until… UGH. OT is fun and you never know what will happen, but that SUCKED.



  • Pens outshot for the first time in… a while. No, I didn’t look it up.
  • Murray is good
  • Galchenyuk is almost there
  • Tanev was a good signing
  • Johnson still sucks

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