RECAP 32: Oh yeah, there’s a controversy

Coming off a stinker of a game against Montreal on Tuesday, the Penguins faced off with Columbus, who they had a stinker of a game against the last time they played. For the sake of my liver, I hoped that this game was more worthwhile to watch.

During the game the Penguins were having their annual Ugly Sweater night, which is fitting against Columbus.
(unless we’re talking about these jerseys, because they’re actually really nice…)

Evgeni Malkin was announced to be sick shortly before the game, so the penguins turned to Jake Guentzel to be the number 1 center.

I believe that puts the man-games lost up to 123 in 32 games.

Treasure Grove


The first period happened. The Penguins got 2 powerplays, both teams got some quality chances, but nothing much really happened.

Jarry made a big save on a breakaway.

No really, he did. The Penguins twitter account posted it and everything. And then, like Columbus’ playoff chances, WHOOSH, GONZO! I bet Jarry took it down so people couldn’t scout him. Yeah, that’s probably it…

Meanwhile, Letang also did a thing:

We know, we know – he still sucks. Got it.

Not a terrible start overall for a Penguins team missing most of their main firepower. Usual start for a Columbus team that’s roster is missing any main firepower.

This period may have not happened. The Penguins had decent pressure for the first half of the period but nothing came of it. Columbus had a breakaway near the end of the period and Pettersson tripped them. It was going to be a penalty shot but the referees didn’t want anyone to get too excited, so Columbus went to the powerplay. That immediately put everyone back to sleep.

The third period was much more open than the first two. There were more chances in this period than the first two combined. Jarry had to make multiple saves on odd man rushes and breakaways. Columbus seemed to have too much speed for the Penguins defense at certain points. They were able to just go around them. To be fair one of these times was Blueger covering for the defense, but it still was noticeable, especially when the game opened up toward the end. Anywho, both goalies were dialed in and none of these chances amounted to anything more than in the first two period. The referees had put the whistles away and were letting this one (not) settle itself. On to the bonus hockey.

The overtime started with the Penguins getting the puck. They got a few opportunities and eventually got a 2 on 1 with Guentzel and Rust. Somehow this led to a penalty, I’m not entirely sure how because my stream shit the bed. When a team gets a powerplay in OT they have to capitalize, it’s too big of an opportunity and the penguins did just that. Jake the Snake, First Line Center fed Letang and the point who slapped it toward the goal. It bounced its way in towards the net and Bryan Rust was able to lift Seth Jones’ stick to get the puck past him then chip it at the net. It managed to squeak past Korpisalo.

Bryan Rust (10) Assisted by Letang (12) and Guentzel (16) @ 3:02



  • I love Jarry’s ability to play the puck. I am a sucker for a good puck moving goaltender. He had multiple key recoveries in overtime to get the puck back to the offense and keep the Columbus Defense stuck on the ice. He also had multiple plays in the game where he was able to get a puck from behind his net, while the play was in his zone. A lot of goalies won’t take the risk, but if you can pull it off, why not help yourself?
  • A win is a win is a win. The Penguins had $31.5 million worth of salary sitting in the press box and they still managed to manage a win. The team pulled together and managed to get it done.
  • This post is very short, but you could have counted the good scoring chances on 1 hand for both teams combined. That’s just what the Penguins needed. If you need to pick a team to capitalize on few chances, the Penguins have to be somewhere at the top of the list.
  • Jarry’s third shutout in 4 games.
  • Penguins play again on Saturday vs. the Kings. Just keep getting points anyway you can until Sid returns and leads us to the promised land.

Side note: credit to Korpisalo for this sweet poke check:

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