Recap 37: Domingue Dominates

I’m tired of complaining about late games, so I’ll skip that part today. The boys have been out West long enough to have acclimated to the time change, so here’s hoping they showed up, right?

No changes here. And now I know what Domingue looks like AND how to pronounce his name. Neat.

So Domingue was ready from the start, which is good because it looked like the Pens cared much more about West Coast Offense than defense. Louis the goalie was called on time and time again and was up to the task. Well, until a spin-o-rama hoper pass found Ruddy Ballsack in tight (ewww) and ain’t nobody stopping that one. 1-0 sharts.

That honestly felt like a nothing play until it wasn’t. And sadly that was Geno’s man who scored, and, well, Geno machino prefers golas, as we all know.

So blood was in the water, but the Penguins didn’t stop moving their flippers, and started to get some momentum going the other way. Then there was a breakaway and the dude doing the breakin’ had some skillz, yo.

Letang (3) from Guentzel (18), Blueger (8) – 10:56 – EV

Letang bringing the HEAT. Great vision from Jake to find him and Kristopher showed he still has some jets in those old-man legs. Old man, shit, he’s 34, but whatever, he still has enough in the tank for some highlight reels. And we’re all tied up.

More stuff happened that was boring, I guess. No clips, no notes, NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!

Actually, that represents all of the Penguins ‘skaters’, because Louis The Goalie was very much awake, facing and stopping 17 shots in the period. C’mon boys, wake up!

I’d post something about this period, but there was nothing aside from more Domingue excellence. Might we have found a more reliable backup? Here’s hoping…

Wasn’t the orangutan in Jungle Book named Louis? Coincidence?

I love when Bob tells the future…

Guentzel (19) from Crosby (20), Letang (29) – 0:37 – EV

The pass from Letang was enough to make it stand up, but the skating from Sid to get to a place where he could move the puck to Jake was the pants ripper. Holy shit. And Sid is old too, but when you can move like that age is just a number. What a great play and an awesome exclamation point.


  • Pens had lost 2 of 3 after that 10 game streak. Good recovery.
  • Can’t all games just be early so I can see them?
  • I still have no idea where Bryan Rust is or if he’s even alive, and that’s annoying.
  • Louis Domingue was an NHL goalie last year, apparently for a reason. There weren’t many highlight for the Flightless Waterfowl, aside from him. Great debut. Now ‘Let’s keep it going in Vegas’