Recap The Last: 2020, amirite???

12.5% chance to get Lafrenière. That’s it. That’s the silver lining.

I think this kinda sums up the series…
….and this!

I can’t get into how bad the team looked without crying into my beer, so I’m just going to skip all of that and say the better team won.

And now to you, OUR fans. Thank you. Thank you for being here and hanging out with us as a reader or a commenter or both. We started this site five years ago on a whim. A handful of passionate fans with nothing else in common but our love of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

We’ve turned it into a labor of love, mostly silly (especially now that our Head Writer (giggle) went and became a friggin’ doctor), sometimes insightful (thanks Dopefish!), always inventive (yo SSG!!!), occasionally entertaining (Finn & Doge, anyone???), periodically Olde Tyme-y (looking at YOU, other Dr. jovi…), ever faithful to our cause – the flightless birdies of glorious Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

And especially the two amazing talents that have lead this team through it all for this generation.

“Hey Bing, I’m skoar” … “Fuck you Geno”

Hey Seattle, stop touchin’ yer Kracken
We’ll be back in December