A Rad-Recap

What Is It Like To Take Step 1 Medical Boards…  TRUE STOORY

RAD has spent the last few months chained to a desk with c-blog as his only friend.  No literally, the man has spent the last 90 days huddled in Starbucks.  He hides in the bathroom till all the staff leaves for the night.  He hasn’t showered in 30 days and he has learned how to pee into a cup without disturbing anyone, in order to save time.

There was that hot coffee spill 2 weeks ago that caused him to miss 2 days of studying but he was able to spend that time reconnecting with Mooney’s mom, so that relationship is still going strong.

On test day, RAD woke up at 5 AM.  He drank a red bull, did a line of coke, and wacked off so that he would be prepared for the big day.  He was motoring through the first 2 hours but after a 15 min intermission break, he returned from the bathroom asleep at the wheel.  He found himself planning his grocery list and wondering what he was going to eat for dinner.

At the Hour 4 mark, he was more focused. There was a rough patch of questions about enzymes and drug side effects, however a batch of genital-urinal questions put the wind back into his sails.  If there’s one thing RAD knows, it’s STDs and their treatments.

He had another intermission break and returned ready to finish out strong.  If he doesn’t pass this test, he knows he will be sent to Las Vegas to work the couch at the Chicken Ranch.


It was rough start, as someone cut in front of him at check-in but he didn’t let it deter him.  There was a group of ethics questions like, “What do you tell the parents when they refuse to give their 8 year old a blood transfusion?”  It was a tricky question, however he thought about how c-blog would handle this situation… Answer ‘D’: Tell the parents they’re dumb and remind the child to go into the light.


By this point RAD’s brain was dead, he was running on fumes from the Adderall he took 2 hrs ago.   He wanted to leave in good spirits so that he could watch a great AHL team play the Hawks.   He was in his last block of questions, the room was quiet as most people finished 2 hours ago.   No matter, he knows…“It’s not how you finish but that you showed up for the game” or at least, that’s what RAD’s fiancé tells him.

As he finished with a grouping of “Name that Rash” pics he was proud of himself.  He staggered back to his car, turned on the radio and took a swig from his flask.  How fitting, Ice Cube was on the radio…

Congratulation Rad on spending $1000 to get abused by a computer.  We all can’t wait till you get your DEA license.



(From SSG/Jovi) Idea from Capt Czar