Ballad of the Meat-Up

It was a sunny day in Pittsburgh, PA in early March

People had traveled in from near and from far

We did not know the importance those few days would hold

The final days before the world as we knew it would be gone

Brutally beaten back-to-back in broad daylight

Shouts to ‘hit em with your butt’ carried long into the night

Or ‘hit em with your purse’ you gotta do what you can

How could this happen to us again, please help me understand?

How could this have happened, how indeed?

What’s left is a lifeless, spit covered mask in the backseat

Leave out the cilantro from my tacos

That aldehyde tastes just like soap in my mouth

Back at the hotel, getting honked by a passing car

That don’t bother me none ’cause my mind is already in the bar

Margaritas, rum and cokes, what have you

Play a song on the jukebox from me to you

Oh it’s not working, how not surprising

We’re gonna miss out on Africa and Bad Moon Rising

‘Midget wanted’ read the sign behind the bar

There’s no place I’d rather be between here and Perth, Australia

The day is gone and heading fast into the night

Jack Johnson signed for five years at 3.25

Let me know when you decide to thrown in the towel

Loss after loss, but the meat up was most wow.

Play me Born to Run, play me Thunder Road

Play me Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce

Play me La vie en rose, play me Les Mis

Play me Blind Love, play me Walking Spanish

Play me The Ecstasy of Gold as loud as you can

Play me what you want, play me your favorite band

Play me Desire, play me Blood on the Tracks

Play me something before this night’s over and stat

A pizza related kidnapping and free shoes

Unlimited amounts of rum and cokes and 2’s Clues

Next year’s our year, that’s my vow

Win at home for the Finn and a meat-up most wow