My Dearest Love,

The battles in some areas have calm down, while others rage on. This is a strange war, with no rhyme or reason, as to to who lives or dies. Our forces have yet to procure a way of overcoming the enemy force, but I am hopeful. There has been word of new weaponry being forged. So far, our men have been using archaic muskets, with little victory. Our General received word that some regiments in the North had surprising success using the blood of the maim. Seems like witchcraft to me, but I will do anything to return home to you, my love.

The weather has turned lovely, which has led many of the town folks to call for an end to the war. Many locals call for a return of sack races, stick ball, while maidens sneak out to knit by the river. However the enemy is always lurking close by. The Mississippi and Arkansas troops state that their forts are undamaged, but it has been some time since we have heard for the Louisianan forces. And word from Alabama is sparse.

As of today, our Governor has release restrictions, and it seems like the townsfolk are leaving their barns more often. Now when I go into town, I see many folks walking about; I even saw a small gathering of people having sweet tea and biscuits. I stared at them, touching and laughing, as if I was having a fever dream. I rode by them in my uniform and just laughed to myself. Now when I go into the general store, the paper gold is sparse, but present, however, Colonel Clean’s viral cyanide oil is still hard to find. I have tired of the camp food, so I have started to venture to the local taverns for some hasty pudding and minced salt fish.

The infirmary has been more busy lately, but not with the wounded, but with the common folks. We have many drunkards and people affected with spirits. There has also been a good amount of poppy flower minstrels and a few who ate the spoiled green brownie. There is also another affliction in the area, the return of la-pee-de-cry. Thankful, this is easily treated, however, I wonder how it could return when the people are suppose to be at prayer in their homes.

Supposedly, in a few weeks, more restricts shall be lifted and I hope this means I will soon get leave see Paw and little Timothy. I hope that you will be in your best bonnet. Until then, my blossom of heath, I wish you good spirits and safety.