Crosby and the League Leaders in Penalty Minutes

I thought I’d start a new post for this one since it’s amusing enough on its own.

Per SouthSideGeno’s suggestion I went onto CapFriendly and made a fantasy roster with Sidney Crosby and the League Leaders in Penalty Minutes. I took some creative license to build a team that would still be somewhat talented. If the salary cap was a concern in fantasy land, this roster would be ~$14M over the cap. Besides on defense, this team actually looks kinda good, and there’s plenty of muscle to protect our fragile little superstar.

Someone’s gonna have to plug this into NHL 22 and see how the team does!

Today’s move-out day for the Pittsburgh Penguins, so I’m sure we’ll hear about any other players (besides Brian Boyle who underwent knee surgery) who might have had health issues in the last few weeks. I’m planning to have a proper postmortem finished up by the end of the week.