Game Day 1.3: Keep It Simple Stupid

Atleast the teams are correct

The boys are back in tahn to shake the stink off from the opening 2 games that they played in the shithole that is Nassau Coliseum. Seriously, between the ice conditions and the boards, I’m surprised that the Pens made it back alive. On the other hand, their fans were ready to tear the place dahn. They were definitely making their voices heard during the entire games. We can only pray that the Paint Can can bring the same amount of enthusiasm.

The Pens need to put all the shit from the last 7 periods behind them and just focus on tilting the ice their way as early as possible. WE don’t want to give these bags O’ douche any more momentum early in the game then they already have. Considering how Trotz has realized that his team doesn’t actually have any talent on it, so he’s reverting back to the 90’s Devils or the 07-’08 Red Wings. I guess he just has the simple mind that allows for such simple play.

The Aisles fanbase have to be looking for the kill going into todays game since the last time that they had a 2-0 series lead was in 1983. One of the main reasons that they have gotten a 2 game lead is because they have made Sids line utterly irrelevant. Hopefully the return of McCann to the top line will give them the kick in the arse that they sorely need. Seriously Sid, 3 shots on goal through 2 games is not nearly on par with the level of play that we have become accustomed to. Get your shit together please and quit letting these assholes push yinz around, you’re better then that.

We’re pissed off and WE’re not going to take it anymore

The Pens need to start getting the McCanns, Horny’s and ZARs infront of Lehner to cause some havoc. There have been way to many quality chances that have got pushed to the way side because there was no one infront of the crease to make some noise. We can all sit here and go back and forth all day about which D-Man should be sitting in the box, but without traffic infront of the Lehner, not very many pucks are going to get to the back of the net.

I haven’t seen anything on the lineups yet (1am) but it could be something along these lines:

Penguins projected lineup

Jake Guentzel — Sidney Crosby – Dominik Simon

Jared McCann – Evgeni Malkin – Phil Kessel

Bryan Rust – B-Jugs – Horny

(ZAR) Teddy Blueger – Cullen – Wilson

Dumo – LeTang

J Johnson – Schultz

Pettersson Gudbranson

Matt Murray

I really hope that I don’t have to talk about the officiating after this game. If you’re reading this then you already know how horrible it was in game 2. All we can ask for is it to be even. If somethings a penalty in the 1st period, then it needs to be the same in da turd and vice versa. Please, for the love of Gawd, let the game play out.

I don’t give a shit what time this game is starting, It’s the playoffs for Christs sakes. This team should be ready to go at 5:30 am if need be. No more excuses, it’s time for Erreyone to throw some Gold Bond on yer sacs and man up. Our post season lives and dies by todays performance, GET FUCKING PISSED, GET WHISKEY BENT AND HELL BOUND BABY, IT’S THE FUCKING PLAYOFFS AND IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THEN THIS!!!!