GAMEDAY 55: Amalieville Horror

Watch & learn JJ

Wait…didn’t we just beat these guys? We want them to go do it again? OK! Just like last week: we play shitty against the Panthers, then conversly shit on the Lightning, right? We’re all “gelled up” and ready to go, eh? Let’s strike them with ‘our’ lightning sticks! Not with the ‘gelled up’ ones…with the other ones. Or, maybe the gelled up ones too?

Flower just beat these guys on Tuesday and St. Louis shut them out on Thursday. But last I heard, these guys are still good at hockey. They’ll probs be grumpy about those two losses and the fact they lost to us last time, hu? I say, frk em while they’re down! PIG PILE THESE BASTAGES!

Let’s show ’em where we come from…

…hold on

Let’s give ’em our best stuff…


WE have back up Jeebus…


WE can do this!