Letters for the future …

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My Dearest Abigail,

How I long to see your lovely face. It has been hard here and the battle has just began. Many arrive daily, in dire states, that we hardly have space for them all. Today I saw another case of Man-Flu. He cried out, as I asked him to sit up, which led his intended to gather by his side. I handed him some Tylenol and told him to ‘jump up like a snake bite and man the hell up’. He did not take kindly to my words, but these are cold days, and he understood my haste. He took the pills and free socks, and left as another soul was brought in.

Our General Nurse was frantic as she directed stretches about the halls. Suddenly, she ran and screamed for reinforcements. There was a gang of white scrub scouts that had come over the hill to steal our stash of Clorox wipes. In the fray, one of the white scrubs was able to gain entry into our bunker, but they were held at bay by our muskets before they were able to steal our masks . (true story: we have hospital pirates)

My truest love, I hope that Paw has stocked the cabin well. The supplies here are sparse. I was allowed leave to visit the town’s general store, but I was unable to find paper gold. I have one 6-pack of paper gold and we are rationing supplies until our next relief day. There are rumors of possible forced isolation in the bunker, but hopefully it will not come to that. Hopeful I will be in Virginia soon enough and this will all be but a memory. Until then, give all my love to Gran and I hope to get a letter from you soon.

Yours always,