The Misadventures of a State Farm Rep



Um, this is Jake, Jake from Pittsburgh. 
Sidney is forcing me to write down my thoughts and feelings, as if there is something wrong with me.   I just have a dislocated shoulder, I’m not harboring thoughts of taking a dump on the Coach’s desk, again.  However, Sidney said it helped him through some tough times with his injury, and it would help me focus on my recovery.  Blah, Blah, Blah, Dr Phil-Dr Oz.  Well, if it is good for Sid, then I’ll do it a hundred times over.  I got nothing better to do anyway.
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M3AT UP 3.0 – The Chronicles of Bender and Co.

This is the tale of Meetup 3.0 through the eyes of Bending Unit 22, Serial Number 2716057. As a bending unit created in the Middle East, the journey to the United States of Murica always begins with two, three fingers or a pole in the rectum. It’s unpleasant to some but its a must to enter the Land of the Free if you want to call it so.

Unfortunately, I did not fall victim to such treatment this time around.
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