Recap 9: I’m a Survivor

The Metro division is a log jam so far, and we’re at the bottom. Carolina has a perfe… (checks another site) Damn, they have a perfect record. Philly has 11 and the Pens have 8 points; tied with the Islanders.

Todd Reirden was at the helm, because the Penguins decided to used pig’s blood instead of lamb’s blood on the PPG doors. Now, Mike Sullivan, Sidney Crosby, Brian Dumoulin, Chad Ruhwedel, and Marcus Pettersson are all COVID-19 protocol. Crosby is also symptomatic, which means 10 days for him. Maybe this long home-stand wasn’t the best idea.

Tell the truth, you returned from the bathroom, grabbed the cheeze wiz from the kitchen, and missed the 1st goal, didn’t you? Tis ok, because Hart had just returned from his pre-game smoke, to watch as the goal went in. Sixteen seconds, and McGinn scored off a pass from Matheson.

SSG, we need your talents on this one – the Millenials will love it!

McGinn, was apparently excited to play Philly, because he was the most noticeable player in the 1st period. So much so, that I forgot Carter was back to play his old team. This was also the first game back for Letang too. Yes, I’m a groupie, but Letang looked very steady in the 1st. Head up, crisp passes to maintain forward movement, and he was even hitting the net.

POJ was called for an interference penalty, but the PK was in no danger. In the last 7 min, the play picked up, as the Flyers remembered that they get paid to ‘play’ hockey. Thompson was left open, right in front of Jarry, but shot the puck wide. The 4th line continued their push, but they could not beat a commercial break.

Zooker had a good shot deflection, but Hart was ready. Someone needs to find the gypsy who cursed Kapanen, because he was a given a perfect pass from Rodrigues, and still missed the net.

The period ended with many dangerously close shots on Jarry, but we escaped with 1-0.

Pens were hoping to get the jump, again, of the Flyers, as they started the period shooting. The onslaught started when Kap sent a back-hand on Hart. Letang fished out the rebound, but could get his shot past. Rodrigues also took a crack at it, but Hart saved it. The chaos continued with the next line, and Giroux was forced to feel up Boyle. Boyle was wearing a scarlet A, so it seemed appropriate, I guess. Jake had a good shot off a Kap rebound, but he too, must have visited that gypsy. The power play ended, and somehow there was a slashing penalty against us. On that PK, Konecny scored on the door step. 1-1 He had way too much time to adjust the puck, because Marino was out of position.

The play picked up, way too fast for me to note, but Jake scored on a sly shot. It looked as if Carter scored, but he was only there to distract Hart, with his new hockey pants. 2-1

Van riemsdyk went in all alone on Jarry, but he was ready, and stood tall. The period ends with the Penguins in the lead.

The period started oddly, as Jarry took a shot up high, and dropped his stick; He expected the ref to call a time out, but the play continued. He sort-of flops on the ice, like a turtle, but still no call. He even blocks a shot, in that position. The puck finally left the zone, and he’s able to get his stick. Just a weird segment.

Friedman was hit up high, and a penalty was called. The power-play was flaccid; no real changes. A scary play as Konecny deflected a puck over the net. At 6 min left, and you could feel a push coming. However, we were on the move, and McGinn had the jump on the Flyer D. His shot was blocked by Hart, and then McGinn, stupidly took a high-stick penalty. The PK does their job, and the pace picks up again. A lot of back-n-forth action, and with under 3 minutes to go, the Flyers tie it. It was an defensive error behind the net, and it caught Jarry out of position. 2-2

The remaining few minuets were spent mostly in the Flyer zone, but they were able to survive, and pick up a point.

There were chances on both ends, but you had to know there would be trouble, when the Covid twins skated on Hart. BDJC was showing Hart his Vaccine card, as Letang tried to sneak a shot back to him. The pass didn’t work, but Letang just took it behind the net, and put it in himself. Hart had the CDC review the goal, but the call was for the Penguins. Kristopher, I have hole in my heart, stroke, and Covid, Letang won the game. Christmas has come early for our Tiny Tim.


  • Put your clothes on, the streak is over
  • Good on Rieden to not crap the bed. I’m sure Mike was on Facetime with him. Shoot, I’m sure Crosby was on Facetime with him too.
  • Side note: Michel Therrien. In the building. With the Flyers. Just weird.
  • Why is Rodriques still on the #1 PP? Not hating, just a question. If Carter gets kicked off the face-off, can’t Jake do it.
  • Good win, I just wish we didn’t give the weasels a point. However, this Penguin team knows how to fight back, so I’ll take it.

Tune in next time for the new show: The Covid House …

  • This is the true story of five Co-workers, picked to live in quarantine, and have their lives taped. To find out what happens, when people stop taking vitamins, and start getting diarrhea.