The Adventures of Sidney Maguire

Sidney walked into a busy locker room. Everyone was quickly packing to get on the bus. Not much can be said after the Game 7 loss, to an inferior team. He was mentally exhausted after talking with reporters, but more than that, he was nervous. Most of the questions were about next year’s outlook, and for once, he didn’t know. Letang and Geno’s contracts were up, and they also have new management. On the short trip, he knew he had to get advice that very night.

It was almost 2 am when he arrived at the gate, but it opened without him even hitting a button. As he drove up the circular drive way, the door opened, and Mario stepped out. Sidney walked up, head low, and kissed Mario’s Stanley ring.

Sidney: I’m sorry, I thought we cou…
Mario: I know, I know. What troubles you at this hour.
Sidney: The contracts. Rust, Letang, Geno. I have to do something! Can you help, like you did with Morehouse? He always had it out for Evgeni, but you took care of him. I never asked how you did it, but can you do it again?

[Mario looks off, thinking]

Mario: No, no, I cannot do that again. This is a new crew, and I’m still working on infiltrating them. So far, I have not been able to get close.
Sidney: Well, what about Hextall? Is he a man I can reason with him?
Mario: Ha. Grab the brandy, and lets talk.

As I woke that afternoon, I felt determined. I sent a text to Kris and G to meet me at our usual spot. I ironed my best polo and a new pair of Dickies shorts. It took me 4 hours to figure out how to work Powerpoint, but I finished my presentation. I packed up my lap top and headed to the Applebees early. Kris was on time, but Geno came 20 min late.

Evgeni: Ey sorry, Nikita put cat in toilet again.
Kristopher: Oh man, that sucks. We just called Staalz, and told him to clip Trouba for us.

They discussed the series, and after a few racks of ribs and wings, Sidney pointed to the laptop. The lights dimmed, and he presented a way the team could keep everyone, plus stay under the cap.

  • Switch to one ply toilet paper
  • Eat less fresh food, and more Marie Calendar on game days
  • Use one set of gear for the entire year
  • Four people to a hotel room
  • Ride Frontier instead of charters.

I also showed how much I made peddling Horton coffee, and offered it to off-set some costs. Lastly, I told Letang to start a Fans-only page.

I sat back, feeling accomplished. No way they can say no to that. However, neither Letang nor Malkin said anything. The silence was made even more awkward because “W.A.P” was loudly playing in the background. Kris and Geno looked at each other.

Kristopher: Well, umm, you’ve given us some things to think about. I’m not sure you can get the team nor management to agree to this. Plus, there are other things to consider.

Sidney: But, but, it would work! We just need to… wait, are, are you thinking about leaving? Leaving me?

Kristopher: This may be my last contract; I have kids. I have to see what the Penguins offer.

Shocked, Sidney looks at Malkin, but he refused to look at him, and just nodded in agreement with Letang.

Sidney: Ooook, ok, just don’t sign anything before you talk to me. Mario said he couldn’t do anything directly, but I have a meeting with Hextall and Burke. Well as soon they call me back, I can set up a meeting.

Again Letang and Malkin looked at each other. Malkin changed the conversation, and by the end of night, everyone was laughing. However, Sidney felt like some thing was different.

It was time for Plan C.

(thanks SSG and Finn)


Side Note:

What about the spanking last night. I couldn’t watch, but I kept track of the score. Geeez, I hope the Avs at least left cab money for Tampa