Sidney Maguire

It has been a few weeks since the Applebees summit, and both Letang and Geno were ignoring my calls. I sent a text to Geno, but he responded 2 days later with only a funny face emoji. I called Letang, and his wife said he was washing his hair, and would call me back later. That was 4 days ago. I don’t know why management is taking so long to get a deal done. I thought after Rust signed, Geno and Letang would not be far behind. I have a meeting with Hextall later this week, but I need to up the ante. I can’t let my boys slip away; I cannot except change.
Plan C is a go.

On my way to Letang’s house, I called Jake and told him to contact everyone who was still in town, for a meeting at my place. I told him to bring s’mores and some ideas.

It was early, and I thought I could catch Letang before he took the kids to school. I did not want to interrupt him, but I wanted to let Letang know that he is still important to the Penguins. I thought the Police’s , “Every Breath You Take” would be an excellent song choice. Letang, his wife, and about 3 neighbors watched as I sang my heart out. I didn’t want to come on too strong, so I just waved goodbye, and shouted ‘You da best”.

Jake and the boys came over, and we got started right away on Operation Cup. First we prank called Shesterkin and made s’mores. Then I had each guy give one suggestion on how we can get Evgeni and Kris to sign a new contract. Evan had the best idea; to remind them of our history together. I grab my laptop, and started to make another powerpoint. I put in pics from our first season together, our trip to Sweden, our 1st cup, the time we all got food poisoning at that Shoney’s, in Nashville, ect. I had the guys decorate my house, and I got delivery from Evgeni’s favorite Sushi place. The scene was set.

Evgeni arrived to my place, late. Initially he refused to get out the car. I had to promise him that this wasn’t a prank and that there were no cameras.

Evgeni: Hey, why I in dress and you not? You told me to wear; you said it important. You said I had to!

Sidney: It’s a surprise, come in, come in.

Evgeni: This is stupid!

Sidney: It’s like the movie Sixteen Candles. You know, things look dark, but everything is happy in the end.

Evgeni: I never see Sixteen Candle! Why I am here?

As I pulled out my laptop, Geno groaned. I showed him my slide show and we laughed about the memories. I asked him what it would take to keep him. He thought about it a little, then wrote a number on the table, using the icing.

Sidney: Ok, I will see what I can do.

Plan D.