RECAP 60: The Devil’s In The Details

No fancy graphics, in memoriam of Rad88 (2016-2019), miss that dude. Anyway the Pens came into the Prudential Center having gone 1-5-1 against against the Devils in the last 2 seasons, three straight losses. (woof). For whatever reason the Devils mediocrity has brought out the worst in the Pens.

It was 90’s night in Jersey, which I assumes means Kevin Smith momentarily returned to relevance, oops, guess not.

John Hynes is the Devil’s coach, and a guy Morpheus just rescued from the Matrix.

The Devils came out strong and controlled play for the first five minutes. The pens dodged a too much man call. Jake forgot how the pass the puck. Some guy named Bratt scored for the Devils. Then Sid punches the clock and sets up in his office:

Bonus jif:

I think he’s good at doing the floss from actually flossing around that enormous schnoz.

Six game point streak for Sid, yawn. ZAR was impressive all game long. I guess the pens scoring pissed the refs off because Malkin was called for too many men goalie interference less than a minute after the goal. Pens kill it. Not saying Malkin couldn’t have done more, but Kinkaid goes down easier than your mom on Cinco De Mayo.

Timothy Jimm er umm Mommothy Jommothy, scored what Errey described as a “velvety” goal. Pearson looked good in his return from Cole Island. The 4th line had a ton of energy, Pearson draws the trip and the Pens go on the PP. The 1st unit was soff, so soff. The second unit looked much better. Just when it looked like the Devils were going to carry a lead into the locker room

W.I.R.E.D. Hey look you guys, Brassard is finally doing stuff. Tied after one.

Maybe the best period the Pens have played in recent memory. They were all over the Devils from jump street. Half way through the period it paid off

Jake with a great individual effort, and he remembered how to pass just in time. The probing continued.

Later, Ruhwedel cashes in, he keeps shooting like this and he’ll earn himself some jifs

Errey made a great point about how the Pens now have three LD/RD pairs. Its such a simple thing, but man does it make a difference. And not just in the top of the O-zone. But exiting the D-zone too. I can attribute a ton of puck possession in this game just to crisp passing between the D. Welcome back Schultzy, yinz were missed. Jack Johnson still sucks though.

The Pens fell back into a 1-4-1 and rode the period out. With just under five minutes left Murray gave up a softy to make it interesting. Deuce.


  • Jared McCann makes Riley Sheahan look like Brandon Sutter
  • Phil needs to win a puck battle, not every puck battle, start with one, go from there.
  • Geno’s back! His line is dangerous AF.
  • Go look at the standings and give your balls a tug.
  • Do it.

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