Hey Journal, I didn’t expect to be back so soon, but there’s this virus going around, and to protect the players, they put the season on hold. I hope. I am starting to get a little stir-crazy, so when they announced that the liquor stores were closing, I made my list and hopped into the car. I practiced my ‘social distancing’ by pretending to have a phone conversation or coughing a lot, as I filled up my cart. Guinness, Blue Ribbon, and Yuengling, oh my! Also picked up some wine and a couple of bottles of Tanqueray gin. The store was starting to fill as I left, so I was thankful I got there early.

Things have progressively got worse, as people have started to lose their minds. For example, today I was stocking up on some healthy items at Whole Foods, when a fight broke out. I was sitting in the food section simple enjoying some hummus and olives when there was a commotion near the frozen isle. Two guys were arguing about some frozen soy burgers. Apparently, one guy accused the other guy of stealing a bag from his cart. The other guy was shouting that he needs to share because he had a second bag in his cart. The first guy then chucked an avocado and screamed, ” I’m from East Hills, and you don’t want none of this, Bitch”. It was a pretty good fight, but when the bottle of Perrier started to fly, I knew it was time to leave.

Yesterday, I drove all over the regent square area and squirrel hill looking for toilet paper, but I came home without anything. So, I have decided to fight my way for some whole sell goods. After what I saw yesterday, I showed up to Costco ready for war. With my helmet on and an old skate blade in my back pocket, I showed up at 5 am. There was a decent line, but I was able to selfie my way up the front. I was able to sprint to the paper isle and loaded up. Next, was the water isle, which was difficult to get to, as I had to pass the meat isle. The horrors I saw in the cleaning isle will haunt me for years. It took me 2 hrs to check out, but I made it home with my loot.

Well, that’s it. I’m trying to be diligent with my workouts, but I started watching Witcher. Anyway it’s Marquita Thursday and I’m about to play NHL 2011 with some teammates on Xbox.


Congratulation to Dr Rad, who will be doctoring down in Augusta, Gerogia. It is kinda far for to travel for a prostate exam, but as Ungaba can attest to, he has the softest hands in the biz.